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Liquid 6 Power Supply

USB Charger


L6 Power Supply

USB Charger

User Guide

Twist the Cartridge clockwise onto Power Supply until snug. Do not overtighten.

Inhale on Cartridge mouthpiece to activate the Power Supply. The LED light tip will illuminate to indicate activation.

To avoid residue buildup, remove the Cartridge from the Power Supply when not in use by twisting the Cartridge 360º before pulling it from the device. Clean the Cartridge and Power Supply contact pins after every 10-15 activations.

Twist the Power Supply clockwise onto USB adapter (included) until snug, then connect the USB adapter to a power adapter or active USB port (not included). For the best performance, charge the Power Supply often after use.

The light tip will blink 20 times to indicate the start of charging and will blink 3 times to indicate the end of charging. If the device is plugged into an active USB port or wall adapter and the light tip is not lit, it has a full charge.

Cartridge is empty when vapor is no longer produced after activation. Due to headspace, the cartridge may still produce vapor after the reservoir appears empty because of out of view oil absorbed in the atomizer. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions



Jupiter Research partners with licensed extractors, growers, and producers that fill, seal, and deliver Liquid6 Cartridges to licensed retailers.

It depends. Many variables affect how many activations an individual cartridge can provide. Factors include the duration of inhalation and the type of plant-derived extract.

Our cartridges vaporize oil at a consistent rate of 5mg per 3-second draw. Based on this level of consumption, a 0.5mL cartridge would last approximately 100 draws.

Cartridge is empty when vapor is no longer produced after activation. Cartridge may still produce vapor after the reservoir appears empty due to out of view oil absorbed in the atomizer due to headspace phenomenon. Learn More.

No. Jupiter cartridges are designed for single use only.

All cartridges may leak when transported from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. The degree of leakage depends on how full the cartridge is, how large the increase in elevation is, and the speed at which the elevation changes.


To prevent leakage, store the cartridge with the mouthpiece pointing downward.

No. Jupiter Cartridges and Power Supplies are not to be used for tobacco-derived products.

Power Supply

For the best performance, prevent condensation by keeping the contact pins inside the device and on the bottom of the cartridge clean and dry.

  1. Remove the Cartridge from the Power Supply.
  2. Use a cotton swab dampened with diluted isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean the contact points.
  3. Allow contact pins to dry thoroughly before use.
    • Avoid dropping the device.
    • Avoid exposure to moisture.
    • Do not attempt to repair or modify the device.

Power Supply needs recharging when the light tip flashes 3 times upon activation, instead of staying lit for the entire activation duration. The vaporizer will no longer activate when the Power Supply needs recharging.

If the device is plugged into an active USB port or wall adapter and the light is not lit, it has a full charge. While Power Supply is charging, the light tip will light up and remain lit. Once the device reaches a full charge, the LED will flash 20 times and then turn off.

Jupiter products are sold to wholesale brands that carry their products in Dispensaries and retailers across the world. Palm packaging features visible Jupiter and CCELL® branding.

All Jupiter Research vaporizers shut off after 10 seconds of inhalation.

Liquid6 Power Supplies use a standard 510 thread that is used on cartridges industry-wide. Liquid6 Cartridges feature a standard 510 thread connection found in many non-Jupiter power supplies and also include two airflow paths for auto-draw and button-activated power supplies.


Despite these considerations, we cannot guarantee cartridge compatibility with non-Jupiter power supplies.

All Li-ion battery cells used in Jupiter products meet the requirements of UN38.3, ensuring they are safe for air transportation.  All Jupiter products include short-circuit protection that disables the output if a short is detected.  Rechargeable products include on-board charging control to protect the cell from overcharging if they are accidentally charged with an adapter from another brand.

U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations dictate transport or use of batteries, substances, and pharmaceuticals. Visit the Federal Aviation Administration website for more information.

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