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Our cutting-edge dispenser/applicator, engineered with exceptional precision dosing, now works with an even wider variety of viscosities. From CBD to RSO, this updated version is a great way to consume your cannabis oil in multiple formats. From infusing flower, concentrates, or edibles, the options are endless.   


Any Oil, Any Way

The versatility of the Klik is entirely up to you. Dab it? Of course. Infuse it with your flower? Definitely. Put it in your tea? You can do that. Straight to the tongue? That’s hardcore, but why not. Medicate anything, within reason of course.

The Klik is what you make of it. 

Precise Dosing

25mg or 50mg Per Click

Klik offers a wide range of possibilities for patients and customers to get creative with their consumption. With its precise dosing system, Klik allows for accurate and consistent measurement, making it easy to infuse cannabis into a variety of products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Klik be used with high viscosity oils and CBD for eating, or as a dab applicator.

The syringe body is polypropylene, the plunger is silicone, and the tip is Ni-plated brass.

Klik is compatible with distillate cut with terpenes.

Yes. We do offer prerack and foam automation solutions. Contact us for further details and information.

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