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As your partner, it’s our responsibility to provide high-performance state-of-the-art solutions, allowing producers to focus on their craft and leaving the hardware to us. At Jupiter Research, it’s our passion to design, develop and manufacture vaporization technologies exclusively for the natural plant-derived oil producer. The modern consumers’ demand for purity and performance is a challenge. Hardware available today is antiquated and originally intended for the electronic cigarette industry. Jupiter’s proprietary technology is engineered specifically for today’s high viscosity extracts, giving the producer a proven and reliable solution to deliver their product. Jupiter’s Liquid platform provides powerful performance with the intended flavor and efficacy you and your customers expect.

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To Our Valued Customers & Supporters,

We want to take a moment to thank you for your business and support of our company, Jupiter Research. Because of you, our amazing partners and brand ambassadors, we are able to pursue our passion and drive the innovation which helps so many individuals today.

Capitalizing on years of experience in the inhalation/vaporization space, Bob and I founded Jupiter Research. Our goal was simple – create a vaporization platform that meets the challenges posed by high-viscosity extracts. Little did we know we would be driving the leading-edge technology in a new category for our burgeoning industry today.

Our first platform, Jupiter Liquid, was designed from the ground up. This disruptive development came at a time when customer’s expectations were not being met.

The Liquid line continues to stand up to the variations and complexity of extractions being developed by our partners.

Our products are unrivaled and unmatched by any existing hardware today.

We are incredibly proud of the work and accomplishments of our team. We hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to prove not all vaping hardware is created equal.

Mark Scatterday


Jupiter Research