510 Stackable Cartridge

Filling & Capping Instructions

Filling the Reservoir

Insert the syringe blunt tip needle (14 ga. or smaller) into the space between the airway and the outer wall of the reservoir. With the device held upright, fill the reservoir with 0.5mL of oil.

Do not overfill or allow oil to enter the center airway.

Capping the Device

Immediately after filling, insert and press-fit the metal connector mouthpiece until it is fully seated. Mechanical assistance, such as an arbor press, or channel lock pliers can be used to fully seat the mouthpiece.

Failure to install the mouthpiece within 2 minutes of filling may result in leakage.

Estimated press-force is 150 – 200lbf per cartridge

Allow For Headspace

THREDZ™ should stand for at least 30 minutes before use to allow the atomizer to saturate. More viscous fluids require more time. After a device is filled, the atomizer begins to absorb the oil. Due to its large size and porous ceramic wick, a CCELL® atomizer can absorb up to 0.15mL (30%) of a 0.5mL device. As the atomizer absorbs oil, headspace forms. Oil is still in the reservoir, but it's absorbed out of view.

Do not use for or refill with tobacco derived products.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer THREDZ™ in a 0.5mL capacity.

Jupiter Research partners with licensed extractors, growers, and producers that fill, seal, and deliver cartridges to licensed retailers.

No. Our cartridges are designed for single-use only.

It depends. Many variables affect how many activations an individual cartridge can provide. Factors include the duration of inhalation and the type of plant-derived extract.

Our cartridges vaporize oil at a consistent rate of 5mg per 3-second draw. Based on this level of consumption, a 0.5mL cartridge would last about 100 draws.

Cartridge is empty when vapor is no longer produced after activation. Due to headspace, the cartridge may still produce vapor after the reservoir appears empty due to out of view oil absorbed in the atomizer.

If no draw-activation occurs, try the following: 

  • Make sure Power Supply is charged. 
  • Rotate mouthpiece to ensure positive connection between the Cartridge and Power Supply.
  • Separate the Cartridge from the Power Supply, then clean the contact points in the device and the bottom of the cartridge with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. 

If your product is within the warranty period and is not working properly, return the device, with the receipt, to the retailer where you purchased it. 

No. Jupiter Cartridges and Power Supplies are not to be used for tobacco-derived products.

  1. All cartridges may leak when transported from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. The degree of leakage depends on how full the cartridge is, how large the increase in elevation is, and the speed at which the elevation changes.

    To prevent leakage, store the cartridge with the mouthpiece pointing downward.

U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations dictate transport or use of substances and pharmaceuticals. Visit the Federal Aviation Administration website for more information.

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