Streamline your supply chain and get to market faster with customized Kinder-Safe™ child-resistant cannabis packaging from Jupiter Research. A made-to-order solution for Jupiter CCELL® cartridges and all-in-ones.

Developed by Denali Innovations, Kinder-Safe™ is a child-resistant packaging box featuring a patented sliding sleeve and tray design. Kinder-Safe™ packaging solutions utilize proprietary child-resistant technologies that meet the specific needs of the cannabis industry.




Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available to legal and authorized cannabis companies seeking additional information. Please contact or your Account Executive with any questions.

Jupiter Research devices and cartridges utilize CCELL® technology, a leading manufacturer of vaporizer devices and cartridges based in Shenzhen, China. As a designer, developer, and distributor of hardware and technology, Jupiter products are designed in the U.S. (Phoenix, AZ) and manufactured in the high-tech Chinese hub of Shenzhen.

Our growing team of nearly 40 individuals in engineering, marketing and operations, product development, sales, and short-run print production operates at Jupiter Research headquarters located in central Phoenix. Additionally, Jupiter has remote staff throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and China.

In Shenzhen, the Jupiter Research team includes quality assurance specialists, project managers, and liaisons helping to oversee production for our customers. Full manufacturing operations reside in Shenzhen, China.

No. Jupiter Research manufactures vaporization hardware and partners with legal and authorized businesses extracting natural plant-based oil that fill, seal, and deliver cartridges to legal and authorized retailers.

No. Jupiter Research cartridges and power supplies are not to be used for tobacco-derived products.

No. At no point in our supply chain does Jupiter Research utilize Vitamin E acetate nor do we recommend its use to customers. We sell our cartridges and pods empty of ingredients to legal and authorized businesses extracting natural plant-based oil. 

We do not advise on formulations or extraction processes, and highly recommend our customers consult experts to craft oil compliant to state and national regulations.

We recommend that all new formulations be properly tested and validated prior to moving into mass production with our cartridges. Validation kits are available for purchase and recommendations on validation testing procedures can be provided upon request.

We consider the safety of our devices and cartridges of the utmost importance and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure our products are as safe as possible for our customers. We use materials compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations for the parts that come in contact with oil or the customer. We test all of the wetted components in our cartridges per FDA food-grade standards.

Yes. Our engineering team works with CCELL® to conduct tests showing the safety of the ceramic used in all our products (cartridges, all-in-ones, and pods). We have conducted a variety of heavy metal testing for our cartridges, using Phase 3 California compliance testing as a benchmark.

No. Our CCELL® ceramic wick contains a dry, unprimed atomizer that is only wetted once the reservoir is filled with oil.

Yes. Our metal components are made of SnCo (tin-cobalt) plated brass. We have switched all of our products to a low lead brass and the SnCo plating has been tested to FDA standards and is considered food-grade.

Yes. Jupiter distributes CCELL® technology product lines and our customers have the option to customize and private label with their designs. We pride ourselves on working with a wide array of brands; in fact, most of our orders are custom designed products.

Additionally, Jupiter Research proprietary vaporizer devices have been licensed to brands in the U.S. and abroad, such as Kanabo VapePod and Airovapor. To learn more about our partnership with Kanabo, click here.

Yes. As legalization continues around the globe, we are thrilled about the future of international vaporizer sales.

As Canada launches adult-use sales of concentrates, we are in the process of expanding our operation and fulfillment  capabilities in the country. Jupiter has a dedicated team in Canada and we are working with some of the leading Canadian LPs to design their vaporizer product lines. International sales represent a growing sector for us, and we have a dedicated team in London, England for our European sales in legalized markets such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. 

U.S.-based vaporizer sales continue to dominate our sales and revenue mix as new emerging markets develop and expand with new vaporizer adoption rises. We have partners in each of the U.S.’s legal markets and have significant market share across recreational and medical states.

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