Reducing Waste & Environmental Impact

There are many ways you can get involved in reducing waste in the cannabis industry and minimizing our industry’s impact on waste in our communities. However, information is sometimes hard to find in new emerging markets. The nascent cannabis industry is just starting to implement structure and process around sustainability efforts. We recommend contacting your local waste management companies as well as cannabis commissions with your questions and interest to learn more about waste diversion options in cannabis.

Minimize Waste in Your Organization

At Jupiter Research Headquarters, located in Phoenix, AZ, we have implemented a number of sustainable initiatives to do our part with diverting waste from our community. Our work is never done. We hope that you will join us and that our efforts may serve as an example for your organization to take action from within.

Learn more about how Jupiter is taking a green approach in our Headquarters.

Did you know, Jupiter offers in-house printing for small run customization on our devices and cartridges? Our team leverages a green mindset when thinking about reprints and misfires, by reprinting on misfires and avoiding throwing away as much as possible. Additionally, we dispose of used ink according to state and local guidelines.
Jupiter Research’s more than 13,000 square foot location is in an LEED certified building and our building management takes sustainability seriously. Our office features recycling services weekly, automatic shutoff lights throughout the building and garage areas, heating and cooling conservation efforts, and more.

At our headquarters we make all efforts to purchase FSC certified paper products, which ensures products come from responsibility managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. We make attempts to purchase paper products used in our kitchen areas that are from recycled materials, including using reusable KCUPs and KCUPs which are more easily compostable. Iron Mountain, a local shredding provider, picks up our paper waste and ensures proper recycling of all paper they pick up from our location.

Throughout Jupiter headquarters we have recycling bins with denoted signage letting our employees and customers know what recycling is accepted for proper waste diversion.


Travel Environmental Impacts

At Jupiter Research we understand that running a global company requires travel. And while we are quickly working to meet the digital needs of a post-COVID world without it, travel is a necessity that can have a large environmental impact.

Learn more about how Jupiter is taking a green approach to travel.

Jupiter has moved to a strictly digital format for all sales activities, tradeshows, and events. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the number of flights for our teams.

When we do travel, our travel agent is aware of our green initiatives and makes concerted effort to select hotels and accommodations which take into account our best practices found in the green actions travel resource below.

We work with our team to share the latest on our sustainability efforts and provide resources for training as needed.

Traveling Best Practices

Consider driving instead of flying for flights under 3 hours.

Non-stop flights are better, less takeoffs and landings equal emissions savings.

Pack lighter, more weight is more carbon emissions.

Stay close to venues you plan to visit or see to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions traveling to attractions or meetings.

Walk or consider using public transport or rent bikes to get to your meetings.

Eat from local restaurants that source their food locally, to reduce carbon emissions.

Look to book at eco-friendly hotels, try booking early to allow for researching options.

Leave do not disturb on your door to avoid daily housekeeping, hang towels and consider reusing them to avoid water waste.

Take any opened toiletries and use them at home when you return from travel.

Become a Local Advocate

Our communities are filled with fellow sustainability minded businesses, professionals and consumers. If you’re interested in becoming an advocate for sustainability change, consider joining a local organization or reviewing one of the below listed resources.

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