New Product Feature: Dose-CTI™ Metered Dosage Delivery

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Jupiter Dose Control

Jupiter is delighted to introduce a new highly-demanded product feature: precise dose delivery with custom time intervals. Jupiter Dose-CTI™ provides a new experience for consumers that allows for three, five, and ten-second dose customized time intervals, achieved through custom-built power supplies with premium control circuit technology.

This technology, previously limited to a small number of custom hardware orders, is now available as a feature on most Jupiter vaporizer devices, allowing licensed extractors and processors the ability to give their customers the ultimate control over their cannabis vaping experience.

Jupiter CCELL® Metered Dosage Vaporizers

Jupiter Dose-CTI™ is available for the following products:

Liquid6 Power Supplies

Liquid6 V Power Supply

LiquidX All-In-Ones

LiquidX Infinity All-In-One

The timed shut-off is also available for pod power supplies, including Uno Pod Platform and Pike All-In-One, but will require a custom sample to be made prior to ordering. 

How It Works: Dose-CTI™

Multi-session ease-of-use metered dosing allows consumers to control their medicine intake by understanding how much and how often to dose to achieve the desired effect. Jupiter metered dosage vaporizers are engineered based on your formulation to deliver a consistent dose with every activation.

Jupiter Dose-CTI™ provides a unique micro-dose control customization feature for power supplies and all-in-one vaporizer products offering brands the option to choose from one of three time-based metered dosage levels as a feature in their custom device. Customers can then select a vaporizer device with the cut-off time they prefer.

This feature is not limited to three, five, or ten-second activation time limits. Ask us about other custom activation time limits and the Minimum Order Quantity and restrictions, contact us to receive pricing, and begin an order!

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