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How Jupiter and Kanabo Developed VapePod

Did you know there’s only one government-approved extract vaporizer for medical cannabis on the market? The VapePod, licensed by Kanabo Research, designed and manufactured by Jupiter Research, was approved in 2018 as a medical device for cannabis extracts by the Israeli Ministry of Health and is the first-ever medically certified vaporizer for the delivery of cannabis-based formulas.

The VapePod device is a modification of the Jupiter Research Liquid 9 Platform, which uses award-winning CCELL® technology. We’ll share how this partnership and product innovation was developed.

Why Jupiter?

Tel Aviv-based Kanabo Research is a medical cannabis R&D company. A long-time leader in creating formulations for medical use, their team of researchers and developers wanted to integrate a delivery mechanism with a patient-centered design into its offering. After extensive research, the team concluded that Jupiter and its CCELL® leading-edge technology was the right fit to bring the product to life.

“The goal was to reach a highly accurate dosing ability where the same composition is inhaled time after time,” says Kanabo CEO Avihu Tamir. “CCELL® technology is all about consistency.”

The partnership has proved successful after years of testing, research, and development. “Jupiter’s extensive engineering skills, together with its agility and partner-focused approach is working very well with Kanabo’s expertise in scientific formulation,” adds Tamir.


Working together, the two companies developed VapePod, a device unlike any other on the market at the time.

Both companies had to modify their products to be approved for medical use. To achieve the kind of accurate dosing medical users require to support their health, the Liquid9 voltage power settings were adjusted to optimize cartridge vapor output. Kanabo adjusted its formulation to find a new cannabis extract carrier, leading to a winning combination.

Kanabo and Jupiter wanted to ensure the strictest adherence to Quality Assurance and Quality Control. It was important for the manufacturing of the product to be located in a GMP certified and ISO 13485 certified facility.

Working Together

This globe-ranging partnership has been a successful collaboration. Kanabo credits Jupiter’s agility, flexibility, and rapid responses with supporting their partnership. “Even though we’re scattered around the world, we’ve had opportunities to meet, and we keep in touch via video conferencing,” says Tamir. “The relationship works when you have like-minded partners whose goal is bringing a quality product to market.”

The Finished Product

While there are medically approved devices available for use with dried whole flower, the VapePod is the only government-approved medical device for use with natural plant-derived oil concentrates.

Kanabo has the exclusive rights to distribute the certified VapePod in Israel, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Importantly, the VapePod is designed with patients in mind. It offers accurate dosing, which is key for medical users. Its button-free, easy use has been designed for all, including those with dexterity challenges.

What’s Next

Smart vaporizers, which integrate digital components such as smartphones to track dosing and the like, offer an inevitable future direction for hardware manufacturers. “Medical devices are an area where we will see a clear value in the Internet of Things,” says Tamir. “Tracking data and generating information empowers both patients and doctors.”

There are still barriers to making smart devices, including technological challenges, but also social acceptance. For instance, Apple has banned all vaporizer-related apps from the App Store. “It’s our job to demonstrate the value of a medical offering not only to patients but to caregivers, physicians, and other parties,” says Tamir.

Jupiter and Kanabo continue to work together on new products and innovations. “We are not announcing anything at this time, but we are working closely with Jupiter on new features for clinical researchers, caregivers, and patients,” says Tamir.

About Kanabo

Kanabo is creating a new standard in the medical cannabis industry by building a holistic ecosystem that works together in synergy to improve the well-being of millions around the world. Kanabo focuses on the distribution of cannabis-derived products for medical patients, and non-THC products for CBD consumers. Clinical and validation activities, including safety and efficiency tests, are conducted in Israel – an established leader in the Cannabis industry. Kanabo is selling initial products in Europe and is ready to scale up to meet market demands and projected sales and revenues.

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