Not All Vaporizers Are the Same

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Consumers who vaporize cannabis in legal jurisdictions have serious demands: they want high performance and rock-solid safety. They are starting to ask questions about the technology that goes into their vaporizer devices.

We can tell them this: not all cartridges are the same. Much of the hardware on the market today is formulated from old technology that was designed for the electronic cigarette industry. Are vaping tobacco and plant-based extracts the same? Not at all.

Coils formulated with ceramics have become big, as this material helps eliminate that dreaded metallic taste. But there’s a huge difference between ceramic cartridges and state-of-the-art technology such as CCELL®.

What is CCELL®?

Developed in 2015, CCELL® is a patented ceramic atomizer technology that’s disrupting the industry. It was engineered specifically for today’s high viscosity extracts — it’s not a tobacco technology that’s been reformulated.

The CCELL® cartridge uses a ceramic coil powered by a lithium-ion battery that can absorb and vaporize plant-based essential oils at a high rate. It’s efficient, fast, and reliable.

For users, this quick-heating makes for a more powerful, immediate experience. Consumers use less extract but experience more potency.

Regular Ceramics

After CCELL® introduced ceramic heating technology to the mass market, other vaporizer manufacturers began using ceramic coils, but also wicks made of cotton. While the ceramic in the core helps with durability and flavor, these products don’t offer more efficient heating than traditional coils.

While many devices using ceramic coils are carefully designed and manufactured, it’s up to distributors, retailers and users to assess the quality of individual hardware products.

Quality Issues

CCELL® is a carefully engineered technology meant for high-end products that focus on the user experience. It’s only used in top-quality vaping devices pens that are manufactured with leading safety standards.

Jupiter Research is one of four distributors of CCELL® products, partnering with more than 800 brands around the world.

CCELL® products are designed and manufactured with superior components, far exceeding industry standards, and offering a high-quality experience that users, especially experienced ones, appreciate.


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