An elegant fusion of science and design

Introducing the Jupiter Liquid 9 Platform, a revolutionary new vaping system designed to maintain the quality and high standards of your premium extracts. Jupiter’s unique architecture balances technology and design in a remarkably simple form. The unparalleled performance bridges the gap between your oil and the consumer experience.

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Liquid 9 Cartridge

A secured mouthpiece and filling septum ensures oils are secured and prevents accidental exposure to children and pets.

New ceramic Reactor technology specifically designed for high viscosity oils does not utilize a traditional wick and coil.

Silver-plated magnetic base ensures a positive and quick connection.

Liquid 9 Power Supply

CNC'd magnesium alloy body encases a 320mAh Li-ion battery and state-of-the-art components.

Its unique nonagon design discretely fits in the palm of your hand.

Active feedback provides a tactile vibrating notification informing the user that the device is active, as well as the status of its battery life.

Micro USB rechargeable.

Innovative Technology
for Innovative Partners

I personally love the unit... like the form factor (sleek/sturdy and leak free) and the active feedback is very helpful in dosing - I think it's awesome. - Tripp K., CEO, Dixie Elixirs

I have received rave reviews, especially on the Reactor, 'unanimous that the ceramic Reactor had better flavor and true essence of the oil came through'. - Chad F., Chief Operating Officer, ebbu

We have received great feedback on the products so far. It’s in the hands of a 'connoisseur level' patient who had nothing but high praise. - Dustin J., Managing Partner, Adakai Holdings

This thing is by far the best piece of vape hardware I have seen for our industry. - Garrett G., Processing Manager, Green America | Elevate

I tried another material with a lower viscosity and was not disappointed once again. If this cartridge can be this dynamic, it has the potential to replace our entire vape line. - Garrett G., Processing Manager, Green America | Elevate

Impressed… Taste, vape production, operation have all done very well. Strictly taste testing albeit but still very impressed. - Garrett G., Processing Manager, Green America | Elevate


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