Partners In Innovation

Jupiter is your industry partner with experience and dedication

As your partner, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide high performance state-of-the-art solutions, allowing extractors to focus on their craft and leaving the hardware to us. At Jupiter Research, it’s our passion to design, develop and manufacture vaporization technologies exclusively for the essential oil and plant derived oil consumer. The modern consumers’ demand for purity is a challenge for most of the hardware available today. Jupiter’s technology is engineered for a wide range of viscosities, giving the extractor a high-performance vehicle to deliver their oils. Our goal is to consistently maintain the efficacy and flavor originally intended by the extractor.

Using proprietary testing and validation, Jupiter works closely with our manufacturing partners to optimize the reliability and performance of our products. Jupiter is committed to continuous improvement and continues to conduct fundamental research in the development of new products and technologies for our rapidly changing industry.

Beyond Technical Support

Jupiter Research provides direct professional engineering support to our partners. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your product offering, including customization and branding to ensure your success.