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Liquid 6 Power Supply

USB Charger


L6 Power Supply

USB Charger

How do I...

Twist the 510 Cartridge clockwise onto Power Supply until snug. Do not over tighten.

Inhale on cartridge mouthpiece to activate the Power Supply. The light tip will illuminate to indicate activation.

Twist the Power Supply clockwise onto USB Charger (inlcuded) until snug. Plug into outlet via power adapter (not included). The light tip will blink 20x to indicate the start of charging and will blink 3x to indicate the end of charging.

Device is empty when vapor is no longer produced after activation. Cartridge may still produce vapor after it appears “empty” due to headspace phenomenon. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions


No. Our devices are not to be used for tobacco derived products. 

The Jupiter line of products are sold to wholesale brands who carry their products in Dispensaries and online retailers across the world.

Our cartridges vaporize oil at a consistent rate of 5mg/3 seconds (one pull). At this level of consumption, a 0.5mL would last 100 pulls.

No.  Jupiter cartridges are designed for single use only. 

Device is empty when vapor is no longer produced after activation. Cartridge may still produce vapor after it appears "empty" because of headspace. Learn More. The Power Supply is depleted when the light tip flashes 3 times upon activation, instead of staying lit for the entire activation duration.

At this time we do not sell directly to consumers.

 Jupiter cartridges are designed for single use, only.  They are filled by the extractor/processor that produced the extract and sealed before delivery to the retailer.

All Li-ion battery cells used in Jupiter products meet the requirements of UN38.3, ensuring they are safe for air transportation.  All Jupiter products include short-circuit protection that disables the output if a short is detected.  Rechargeable products include on-board charging control to protect the cell from overcharging if they are accidentally charged with an adapter from another brand.

At Jupiter Research we have done our best to develop cartridges compatible with as many batteries as possible. We use a standard 510 thread and include two air flow paths in the base; one for breath actuated batteries and one for button actuated batteries. Although these considerations have been made, we cannot guarantee our cartridges are compatible with every battery available on the market today or the in the future.

All cartridges may leak when transported from a lower elevation to a higher elevation.  The degree of leakage depends on how full the cartridge is, how large the increase in elevation, and how rapidly the elevation change. To prevent leakage, store the cartridge inverted, with the mouthpiece pointing downward during large elevation changes or air travel.

Federal Aviation Laws dictate transport or use of legal and illegal substances and pharmaceuticals. Visit the FAA website for more information. Travel at your own risk. 

Still Have Questions?

Let us know, we’re here to help!

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