Diversity & Inclusion

We understand that the regulated cannabis industry does not exist in a vacuum, it exists on nearly half a century of systemic racism and inequity. Enacting change requires us to come together and do the work. We have a responsibility to our staff and our partners to reinforce our commitment to inclusivity.

The Jupiter Research Diversity & Inclusion Task Force was formed with a common mission, to develop initiatives that establish and maintain an accessible, dynamic, and inclusive organization for employees, customers, and partners of all races, cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender expressions. Our growing Task Force meets bimonthly to discuss the progress of our initiatives, to educate ourselves and set standards for our industry.

Task Force Goals and Objectives

  • Set the standard for anti-racism work within the cannabis industry 
  • Educate on anti-racism through resource-sharing and open communication 
  • Identify, address, and eliminate implicit bias and systemic racism within the workplace 
  • Improve equity and establish best practices 
  • Goal is not to agree – it is to gain a deeper understanding  
  • Establish a space to openly share ideas and opinions 
  • Use what we learn in our daily Jupiter lives 


Diversity Committee Responsibilities & Deliverables 

  1. Provide advice and recommendations on methodology required to measure current and future levels of diversity throughout the organization. 
  2. Provide advice and recommendations on how to increase awareness and competencies related to diversity, inclusion, and equity for all employees—but especially front-line managers. This might include training programs, guest speaker programs, book clubs, and other forms of communication. 
  3. Review available research and advise organizational executive leaders on new, innovative and best practices for diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. 
  4. Solicit ideas and feedback from employees on how to increase diversity. 
  5. Draft and circulate an annual Diversity Action Plan that details current levels of diversity, performance against prior year initiatives and plans for activities, events and resources required for the following year. 



Last Prisoner Project focuses on three key criminal justice reform initiatives: release, record clearing through clemency and expungement, and reentry programs. This approach aims to secure freedom within the communities they serve, through intervention, advocacy, and awareness.

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Arizona Helping Hands provides essential needs for children in foster care through programs promoting safety, permanency, and health. The organization has served tens of thousands of children over the last 20+ years and continues to grow every year with the focus being on helping children in foster care.

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